British Airways have launched a sale offering a surprise bonus on purchased or gifted Avios between the 8th March and 23rd March 2017.

You are allowed to purchase a maximum of 100,000 Avios per account each year, although that doesn’t include any bonus amounts.

You are also allowed to gift Avios up to a maximum of 100,000 Avios per member. Again this limit does not include any promotional bonuses.

I logged in to my BA Executive Club and was offered a 20% bonus on any purchased or gifted Avios during this promotion.

Buy Avios promo.png

If I was to purchase my maximum allowance of 100,000 this is what the maths would look like.

Buy Avios promo 2

I would be buying 120,000 Avios at 1.34 pence each.

That price is well beyond the threshold that I would consider buying Avios. Especially when there are so many opportunities for earning Avios at much lower rates, I cannot see the value in speculatively buying Avios at this price.

This is very subjective though. If you have a redemption in mind and you are just short of the Avios required, purchasing Avios from BA may be the quickest way of topping up your account. In that scenario a 15/20/30% bonus would be the icing on the cake.



Personally, I am satisfied with my current Avios balance and certainly wouldn’t be rushing to buy Avios at these ‘sale’ prices. If BA were to run a repeat of their 50% bonus on purchasing Avios of last December, I would perhaps reconsider.

On the other hand, if you are looking to top up your account by a small amount for a planned holiday, you may find this promotion more appealing particularly if your targeted bonus is better than my 20%.

Login at and click on ‘Purchase Avios’ to discover your surprise bonus