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United Airlines have really been under the microscope recently and stories like this one are unlikely to help them pick up their public image. This woman was allowed to board a flight – 3,000 miles in the wrong direction – with the wrong boarding pass. 

Read the full story here…http://abc7ny.com/travel/united-passengers-7-hour-flight-turned-into-28-hour-nightmare-/1949824/

(HT: View From the Wing)

This one is for the foodies amongst you. Do you know where you might find the secret Michelin-Star capital of the world? Not somewhere you would have expected I can promise you that. 

Read more here…https://www.afar.com/magazine/this-is-the-secret-michelin-star-capital-of-the-world

I have seen many videos of trouble breaking out on a plane but this one may just take the biscuit. Do you think the flight crew handled this one well?