In recent times, Hilton promotions have been some of the better ones in the hotel loyalty market and have definitely swayed my choice of hotels when I’ve required a stay at a chain hotel.

They have also ensured that all hotels worldwide are participating, which always helps. Their recent 2k ‘Every Day’ promo was excellent for short cheap stays and the current double/triple points deal can prove very lucrative indeed.

But, I was even more impressed to see they have launched a new offer that allows you to earn generous amounts of Avios on your next 5 stays.

How it works

Whenever you stay at a Hilton Hotels and Resorts property you have a choice when it comes to earning rewards from your stay. You can earn Points and Points or Points and Miles.

Let me illustrate:

Points and Points – 10 base Hilton Honors (HH) points per $1 spent AND a bonus 5 HH points per $1 spent. Total: 15 HH points per $1

Points and Miles – 10 base HH points per $1 spent AND 1-2 airline frequent flyer miles, e.g. Avios, per $1 spent. Total: 10 HH points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent

So depending on whether your preference is simply to boost your HH points balance when you stay – as mine usually is – or you fancy a few extra Avios you can adjust your earning preference as and when you please.

Under this newly launched promotion, on top of your usual earnings, you will earn a bonus 2,000 Avios per stay, on each of your next 5 stays, for a total of 10,000 Avios if you select Points and Miles.

Should you earn Avios with Hilton via BAEC or Iberia?

Generally speaking,  you have the option of taking Avios via either British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) or Iberia.

However, there is an interesting quirk that means that you should always credit longer/more expensive stays to BAEC rather than Iberia.  This is because although you earn more Avios on paper with Iberia; 1.5 Avios per $1, there is a much lower cap on how many Avios you can earn per stay with Iberia.

Max Avios that can be earned per stay:

Iberia: 1,000 Avios – Best for short/cheap stays

BA: 10,000 Avios – Best for longer/expensive stays

You MUST MAKE SURE you are crediting to BAEC in order to benefit from the 2,000 bonus Avios per stay offer, as that is a BA promotion. 

How to best leverage this deal?

The best part of this deal is that it can double up with the other quarterly promotion that Hilton is currently running.

At present, Hilton is offering double (or triple for Diamond members) base points for all stays until 31st August 2017.

If you registered for both offers, you would earn the following on a one-night stay costing £125: (assuming your earning preference was set to Points and Miles)

Regular base points: 10 HH points per $1 spent = roughly 1610 HH points.

Promotional double base points: 10 HH points per $1 spent = 1610 HH points.

Regular base miles: 1 Avios per $1 spent = 161 Avios

2,000 bonus Avios

For a total of 3,220 HH points and 2,161 Avios – that’s a tremendous return on your spend! And that is before you consider any status bonuses – a Gold/Diamond member would earn substantially more.

How to register

You MUST register for both the double HH points and bonus Avios offers.

You can register for the double/triple points promotion at this page here.

Registration for the 10,000 bonus Avios offer is at this page here.

Make sure you have your points earning preferences set to Points + Miles, as well as setting British Airways Executive Club as your preferred frequent flyer program.

To can take advantage of both of these offers for stays up until 31st August 2017.


Earning up to 10,000 bonus Avios from what could even be some work stays you have to make anyway, is a fabulous return. When coupled with the other double/triple points deal it makes Hilton my go-to chain hotel for stays through August 2017.

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