Have you ever read down to the bottom of your Tesco receipt and seen a couple of lines that read:

“A chance to win £1000 Tesco Gift Card by telling us about your trip at tescoviews.com and collect 25 Clubcard points .”

This is part of a scheme known as Tesco Views which allows Tesco Clubcard holders to, at the very least, pick up an easy 25 Clubcard points each month.

How it works

  • Have a Tesco receipt (although one from an online order won’t work) to hand.
  • Visit tescoviews.com
  • You will see a screen that asks you to input a 4 digit code from the bottom of your receipt.
  • After this, you will be asked to provide a few details about your visit via a short survey.

Answering these should take you no more than 5 minutes or so and that’s a quick 60 Avios or 62.5 Virgin miles in the bank. The questions also tend to be the same each time, so after a while, you can answer them pretty rapidly.

How to maximise the deal?

Well, you can earn the 25 Clubcard points per Clubcard account per month. Which doesn’t sound a lot. But take a few minutes to do it each month for yourself as well as your partner/family member/pet who have their own Clubcard accounts registered at your address and you’ll find the points quickly add up.

If said ‘family’ members happen to also be part of your BA Household Account, this can become a tidy little earner…

Here are a couple of other miscellaneous facts about Tesco Views:

  • One bonus of 25 Clubcard points will be awarded per month – I have not vigourously pushed these limits to see whether they are truly enforced. Reports suggest you will not receive multiple bonuses but feel free to conduct your own ‘research’.
  • This bonus is available to customers once during every calendar month.
  • It doesn’t seem the receipts need to be current in order to complete a survey. I have definitely used receipts that were 6 weeks old before, so don’t panic if you don’t have any recent ones lying around.
  • Points are usually applied to your account within a couple of weeks of completing the survey.

Part 2 – Shopper Thoughts

Having covered Tesco Views, I now want to come to the Shopper Thoughts ‘service’ that I signed up for about 2/3 years ago. This offers varying levels of Clubcard points as a reward for completing surveys about all manner of topics.

How does it work?

Now here’s the thing. These surveys are quite unpredictable. I have periods whereby I’ve been sent 4 surveys within the space of a couple of weeks. By contrast, I’ve also gone months without receiving any sort of surveys whatsoever.

There are two ways of taking part. Either you can wait to receive an email telling you details of an available survey and how many points you can earn by completing it. Or you can periodically check and refresh their app to find details of new surveys.

Personally, I just wait for their emails. Although this is partly because you used to be restricted by going through the app. Previously, surveys couldn’t be completed within the app itself and you could only choose to email the survey to yourself.

This seems to have changed and it appears you can now choose to complete surveys without leaving the app.

How many points can I earn?

The earnings rate is generous. The majority of surveys I receive offers between 75 and 150 Clubcard points each. According to their website, you will receive an average of “100 points for a 15-minute survey” with surveys typically taking between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

Before you get too excited, some of these surveys seem to take forever to complete, although they can be quite painless on occasion. Your best bet would be to do these while watching TV or something similarly distracting.

I should mention a couple of positives that I have found when comparing Shopper Thoughts to other survey providers such as e-Rewards and Rewards for Thoughts:

  1. Eligibility for surveys is determined quickly – During my early days of collecting miles and points, I used to do some surveys more regularly. One of my biggest bugbears had to be spending time answering questions and getting about a third to halfway through, only to be told I wasn’t actually eligible for the points/this survey. Shopper Thoughts say this is usually established within the first two to four questions and this has indeed been my experience with them.
  2. There are no minimum withdrawal levels – Some programs such as e-Rewards require you to earn a certain number of points before being eligible to cash in those points for a bundle of airline miles or other loyalty currencies. No such issues with Shopper Thoughts. Points earned are added to your Clubcard account regardless of the total amount of points accumulated.

How can I start receiving surveys

Head over to the Shopper Thoughts website and register for free. I would do this for every household member with a Clubcard account. Then sit back and see what surveys roll in.

IMPORTANT: During the sign-up process you will be given two options for earning points: earning Clubcard points or earning points in a separate Shopper Thoughts points scheme. Make sure you select the Clubcard points version. You CANNOT change your earning preferences at a later stage.


Tesco Clubcard points remain one of the key methods for people in the UK to collect Avios/Virgin Flying Club miles. If you have been earning Clubcard points solely via your weekly grocery shop, aspirational flight redemptions will seem a long way away.

Little extras like the ones I’ve highlighted today can really help your Clubcard balance surge. Whether it’s Avios you’re after or vouchers to use at Pizza Express, that can only be a good thing!