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Daredevil Instagrammers

Eek. The lengths some people will go to grab people’s attention on Instagram. If you’re afraid of heights I would give this article a skip. Here are some the world’s most daring Instagrammers.

Check them out if you can stomach it…http://uk.businessinsider.com/daredevil-instagrammers-2017-8/#and-scaling-a-skyscraper-in-dubai-22


Buttons you never want your pilot to press

I think we can largely agree that flying has never been safer, yet every so often you hear a story where something goes wrong. What happens then? Here are 5 buttons you hope your pilot never has to press.


Marriott rescue ship leaves tourists

Marriott has come under fire in recent days for an incident involving the evacuation of guests off the island of St Thomas in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. It is alleged tourists who were not staying at Marriott hotels were left behind by a Marriott-chartered rescue ship.