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Store your luggage at locations around London before you travel

Founded in Copenhagen, new start-up Luggagehero facilitates the storage of your luggage at participating bars, restaurants around London. The service costs €1 an hour and you only pay for what you use. 

More details here…https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2017/09/24/baggage-storage-service-luggagehero-launches-london/

Inside the world’s most expensive hotel rooms

Private cinemas, wine caves and basketball courts are just some of the luxury perks that can be found in the world’s most extravagant and pricey hotel rooms. I use the word ‘room’ loosely. 

See a full list here…http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/hotels/galleries/The-worlds-most-expensive-hotel-rooms/president-wilson/

Popular autumn travel destinations to consider

For many people, the period between the summer and Christmas holidays is a quiet one for leisure travel. But there’s no reason for it to be that way. Data from 2016 reveals some of the most popular destinations for travel in the autumn.