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Incredible hot springs

Renowned in some quarters for their therapeutic qualities, hot springs have long since held a fascination for many.  And looking at this selection it’s not hard to see why, therapeutic powers or not! Here are 11 of the most incredible hot springs and pools from around the globe. 

View them for yourself…https://www.afar.com/slideshows/11-of-the-world-s-dreamiest-steamiest-hot-springs?slide=6

Deadly hikes

While some people might be content to explore the wonders of nature at a sedate pace, others get their kicks from more risky adventures. Ones where death or serious injury is a very real possibility. Here are 15 of the most treacherous and terrifying hikes in the world. 

See them here…http://uk.businessinsider.com/deadly-hikes-2017-8/#mount-hua-shan-china-2

Changes to BA’s M&S Buy on Board menu

After rolling out their Buy on Board at the beginning of the year, BA has now revealed some changes to the menu. The new menu is available here.

See this link for more info on the changes….https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2017/10/19/british-airways-makes-changes-ms-buy-board-menu/