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Flight attendants reveal horror stories

I’m wincing just reading some of these. Some great accounts from flight attendants here. Everything from malfunctioning landing gear, maggots raining from overhead luggage bins and and a passenger being hit by the contents of an ‘exploding toilet’. 

Read more here…http://uk.businessinsider.com/flight-attendants-horror-stories-2017-11/#the-puke-rolled-and-splashed-down-the-aisle-almost-all-the-way-to-the-back-galley-1

Deliveroo now delivering food to airport departure gates

Rushing for your flight with no time to stand in long queues at airport cafes and restaurants, you need not go hungry anymore. Deliveroo is trialling a new in-airport delivery concept which means there’s no need to skip a meal even if you’re tight on time.

Find out more details…https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2017/11/14/

Most powerful passport in the world

Per their website: The Passport Index is the world’s most popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world. And there is a new “most powerful passport in the world”. Find out which country has grabbed top spot as well as seeing who makes up the rest of the top 10. 

Are you surprised by the results?…http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/global-passport


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