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No, these two words WON’T guarantee you an upgrade

You may have seen plenty coverage of a ridiculous Bloomberg article last week that claimed to reveal the secret two words that will help get an airline upgrade over the phone. 

If I had £1 for every person who sent me that piece, I’d be a rich man indeed, but needless to say, it’s just not true. 

Ben at One Mile at a Time explains why the article is largely nonsense.


21 Incomparable Landscapes Around the World

If you’re looking to visit somewhere you don’t see featured on Instagram twenty times a day, these beautiful places from across the world that will take your breath away. 
From towering red sand dunes in Namibia to underwater caves in Mexico, to epic rock canyons in the Southwest United States.

See them here…https://www.afar.com/travel-tips/21-incomparable-landscapes-around-the-world

22 Tips and Survival Strategies for Sleeping on a Red Eye Flight

Ah, the dreaded red-eye. And made even worse when you are expected to do a full day’s work immediately after landing.  Here are some helpful tips to help maximise your sleep if you do find yourself taking one of these flights.  

Read them here…https://content.wisestep.com/red-eye-flight/


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