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Revealed: This Is the World’s Most-booked Hotel on TripAdvisor

Hotels around the world pull out all the stops to attract would-be visitors to their establishments, but one factor plays into bookings more than any other: location, location, location.

As this hotel proves, it isn’t all about private plunge pools, lavish breakfast buffets or other over-the-top amenities. Sometimes it’s just about proximity to local attractions. 


24 things you should always do before heading on holiday

With many people heading out on holiday over the Easter break, this piece offers some useful reminders of various tasks you should complete before leaving.

Working down this list should certainly make both your departure and your return home safer and less stressful.



United Airlines suspends its pet cargo service after dog’s death and other errors

United announced the move following a bruising week of public-relations fiascoes involving pets.

A French bulldog died on 12th March after a flight attendant had the dog and its animal crate placed in an overhead bin! In a separate incident, the airline sent a Kansas-bound German shepherd to Japan.

What a mess…


Header image credit: leoks / Shutterstock.com


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