Last year, Tesco thankfully decided to rename its mobile payment service app – and so PayQwiq became Pay+.

There have been numerous offers aimed at persuading customers to give the service a go since the app was first rolled out in 2016. They’ve given 500 bonus Clubcard points for using the app at various points and more recently offered bonus Clubcard points on all of your regular shopping for a period.

Another bonus Clubcard points offer has now been launched:

Tesco Pay+ bonus cc point offer apr 18 1

What’s the point of the Pay+ app?

Essentially, Pay+ is a way of simplifying the process at the Tesco checkout and saves you fishing for your Clubcard and payment card while holding up half the shop behind you. It allows you to add your debit/credit cards as well as your Clubcard details.

At the till you simply scan the QR code shown in the app enabling you to pay and collect Clubcard points in one shot.

Tesco Pay+ bonus cc point offer apr 18 2

New incentive

Pay+ have relaunched their offer of a few months back aimed at persuading people to use the app on a regular basis.

You’ll receive 1 additional Clubcard point for every £4 spent in any UK Tesco until 31st December 2018.

This offer applies to spend at Tesco and Tesco Petrol Filling Stations. Bonus points can take up to 5 days to appear on your balance.

Looking back at my Clubcard account, it seems these extra points generally posted within 24-48 hours of transactions being made.


Tesco Pay+ bonus cc point offer apr 18 3

This will also double up with any other Clubcard promotions.

For example, if you have a Tesco credit or debit card, you would ordinarily earn an already enhanced 1 Clubcard point per £1 spent at Tesco filling stations.

However, if you were to link one of those cards to the Pay+ app you would earn an excellent 9 Clubcard points per £4 for the duration of the promotion.

(1 Clubcard point per £1 for spending on a Tesco debit/credit card + ordinary 1 point per £1 for scanning your Clubcard + 1 ‘Pay+ point’ per £4 spent = 9 Clubcard points per £4). 

Remember that if converting to airline miles, 1 Clubcard point is worth:

  • 2.5 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles or
  • 2.4 British Airways Avios points

How to earn the bonus point(s)

If you haven’t done so already, you can download the Pay+ app using the links below. You’ll then need to use your online Tesco account details to sign in.

Download it from the App Store

Download it from Google Play

NO separate registration is required for this offer, bonus points will be calculated and added automatically.


I’m pleased this promotion has returned. Truth be told, I haven’t really used the Pay+ app since the last offer ended. Pay+ is convenient but a combination of Apple Pay/contactless + a quick scan of the Clubcard app tends to be my usual method. Granted that means two ‘taps’ instead of one but that’s just what I’ve found myself doing.

I do however use the Pay+ app when they are running an offer like this one, and will now be doing so for the next 8+ months. There’s no reason not to use the app during the promotional period and pick up some bonus Clubcard points at no extra effort!

Do you use the Pay+ app?



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