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10 abandoned airports around the world 

I came across an interesting article from James at OMAAT this week, flagging up the bizarre story of Berlin’s infamous Brandenburg airport. Due to originally open in October 2011, it remains years from opening, despite being fully constructed.

Here are 10 other abandoned airports from around the world and their stories.


What it’s like to be a cruise ship captain

Travel website AFAR runs a series called World’s Coolest Travel Jobs. This edition features cruise ship captain Kate McCue who walks readers through her life as captain of a megaship. In fact, she was the first American woman to captain one. 


15 active volcanoes that you can climb

If you find yourself feeling a bit jaded at the thought of the same old beach holiday (first world problems, I know!) you’ll appreciate this one. 

Take the thrill of your next trip up a notch by climbing the trails on one of these active volcanoes. Don’t assume you need to be an experienced hiker either – there are numerous beginner options too. 



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