For those of you who are quite fed up with all the Royal wedding coverage, this article is unlikely to improve your mood – apologies 🙂 

In honour of the festivities this Saturday, British Airways have revealed various different celebratory plans for passengers travelling through Heathrow on the day. These range from fun and impressive to downright corny.

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Per the press release:

Royal flight to Toronto

First up, the BA93 on May 19 to Toronto – the city where their relationship took off – will be operated by an all-star crew of only Meghan and Harry’s.

The 10-strong cabin crew will comprise two Harry’s, seven Megan’s and one Meghan. Senior First Officer, Harry Blake, will be behind the controls of the flight deck, alongside the Captain (given the lack of name recognition, I think we can safely assume BA haven’t managed to procure a captain called Harry/Meghan!).

Free champagne for every passenger on board

Extra champagne will also be loaded onto the flight and every customer will receive a bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc to enjoy alongside their individual celebratory wedding cake.

Free access to the First Wing and First Class lounge

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To celebrate the Royal couple, any customer departing from Terminal 5 on the big day, who is called Harry, Meghan or Megan and their travel companions, will be invited to use the airline’s First Class lounge, accessed through the exclusive First Wing.

This is an impressive gesture on BA’s part, particularly in allowing all other members travelling with a Harry/Meghan to partake too. I’m sure there will be a fair few people who’ll be able to take advantage of this.

Free (wedding) cake all round

If you aren’t flying to Toronto and to the best of your knowledge have never been called Harry or Meghan, don’t worry, you won’t be completely ignored.

Individual lemon and elderflower Victoria sponges; the same flavour as Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, will be given out to customers departing from Heathrow on May 19.

Are you travelling through Heathrow on Saturday?


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