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This guy has spent the last 7,300 nights at sea

Sick of life at his corporate job and spending far more time in hotels on the go than at home, Mario Salcedo decided it was time for a change. 

And so for the past two decades, he has been a full-time resident on Royal Caribbean Cruises, accumulating over 7,300 nights at sea!

This short film provides an insight into his new ‘relaxed’ life.


How to Avoid Getting Fined When You Go Through U.S. Customs

The wrong thing in your bag—a forgotten piece of fruit, for instance, or a handmade souvenir—could cost you big and frustrate your international travels for months to come.

These tips should help you navigate the complicated process and avoid a run-in with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.


35 beautiful treehouses you’ll want to live in

Apparently, tiny homes are very ‘in’ these days. But living in a treehouse takes the whole tiny home trend to new heights (not my pun, apologies!) 

But don’t be imagining the rickety wooden structures that you built envisaged building as a kid.  

Here are 35 homes that bring treehouses to a whole new level 🙂




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