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Coolest Travel Jobs: Meet Tough Mudder’s lead obstacle designer

A number of weeks ago we featured an instalment of AFAR’s Coolest Travel Jobs series – looking at the life of cruise ship captain Kate McCue. This week the spotlight turns to the man tasked with designing challenges such as Electroshock Therapy and Fire in Your Hole – just some of the craziness participants face when completing Tough Mudder


British Airways (finally!) joins TSA Pre-check

And about time too. Some 52 airlines are already participating in the TSA Pre-check program, but British Airways remained one of the biggest airlines yet to join. 

Now that has finally changed.

The benefits of TSA Pre-check include the use of fast-track security queues and no need to remove shoes, light jackets, or belts. Laptops and compliant liquids can also remain in hand luggage, making the trip through security at the airport easier.

You can find out more on the TSA website.

United asks passengers to stop stealing their onboard bedding!

This isn’t a new issue. Ever since United introduced their new Saks Fifth Avenue bedding back in December 2016, they’ve struggled to stop passengers making off with the new products.  

Things have got to a point that they’ve become more explicit in their efforts to get passengers to leave the bedding behind. 

Could they have tried to adopt the Virgin Atlantic approach?





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