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How a couple who saved $100,000 a year to retire early travels the world with their 3-year-old

After six years of working 60-hour weeks, exchanging his vacation time for pay, and having no time for rest, Jeremy Jacobson took a two-week break to the Philippines. And then decided he didn’t want to go back to work.

So he set out on a journey to save $100,000 a year and retire at 38. Which he did.


This airline left everyone’s luggage behind

If you’re dreading the cheap flight you booked with Ryanair or Easyjet this summer, this might give you a bit of perspective.

Sun Country Airlines managed to take off without anyone’s luggage last week in an apparent error. How can you not know whether the luggage has been loaded?

I suppose passengers should be grateful that it was their luggage not them that was left behind. After all, this is the airline that cancelled the last flight of the season and didn’t passengers alternative return flights!


Fly free to the Outback

The Northern Territory thinks too many people are missing out.

Get yourself to Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney, and they will pick up the one-way cost of your onward flight to Darwin, Alice Springs, or Uluru.




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