Just over 10 days ago, we covered an incredible airline promotion.

Iberia was offering up to 90,000 Avios per person for flights booked on iberia.com between 21st and 24th June.

As a reminder here were the key points of the promotion:

  • 9,000 Avios per flight booked, no matter how short/cheap (10 per person maximum)
  • Flights must be operated by  Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum
  • Bonus Avios will be awarded within 10 days of purchasing your flight(s)
  • You must spend your bonus Avios by 1st December – this is the last date for bookings – you can travel after that date.
  • You’ll keep the Avios even if you don’t actually fly on the flights that you booked

Would Iberia honour the deal?

Once the dust had settled on this offer, there were those who questioned whether Iberia would come good on this offer. After all, there were thousands of people who simply booked 10 cheap flights for about £15-£25 each. Iberia was looking at a massive Avios payout. Would they try and worm their way out?

And then there were questions that lingered over Iberia’s infamous IT difficulties – could the system keep up with this sudden influx of new members + track and award the Avios correctly?

Well, the good news is that these Avios have begun to land in people’s Iberia Plus accounts – my Avios arrived earlier this evening:

Iberia Avios landing.png

Interestingly, none have turned up in my wife’s account yet – perhaps they’re doing them in batches…

(UPDATE: They did eventually arrive on 8th July)

If you did get involved with this offer, you may well be wondering what to do with your newly acquired Iberia Avios. A detailed look at the various methods of spending or cashing out Iberia Avios will follow on Tricks of the Trade in the coming days.

Have you received your Avios yet?



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