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The top 10 airline routes that make the most money worldwide

And surprise surprise, five of the top eight involve London Heathrow – a useful stat for anyone who doesn’t quite understand the push for a third runway.

Oh, and one particular route generates more than a billion dollars of revenue for British Airways. Any guesses?


Unesco adds 20 new sites to its world heritage list

Every year, the United Nations’ cultural agency meets to decide which sites around the world will join the ranks of destinations like Yellowstone National Park and the Galápagos Islands on the highly coveted UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most impressive newly announced additions for 2018.


How luggage is treated in Japan

If you’ve been watching the World Cup in Russia, you may have seen the images of Japan fans picking up rubbish in the stadium following their loss to Belgium.

It, therefore, shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that your luggage can expect this sort of treatment when travelling through Japan.



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