Today seemed like an opportune time to take an updated look at the options open to you for earning airline miles on your pizza deliveries and beyond this summer.

Between the World Cup, Wimbledon and the fantastic weather we’ve experienced in the UK recently, ordering takeaways may have become a semi-regular occurrence in your house.

And you might as well maximise your mileage earning at the same time.

British Airways (BA) Avios

Last summer, we saw a good Avios offer for both new and existing Deliveroo customers. Unfortunately, that hasn’t reappeared this year, but here is a roundup of what is available at the moment:

The offers below are all accessible via the British Airways Avios eStore.

  • Hungry House – 1 Avios per £1 spent
  • Domino’s – 2 Avios per £1
  • Pizza Hut Delivery – 3 Avios per £1 – this is a special offer – normal rate is 1 per £1
  • Papa John’s – 1 Avios per £1

And as part of BA’s Score More campaign (although weirdly the earnings rate doesn’t appear to have been boosted):

BA Score More offer.png

  • Just Eat – 2 Avios per £1

Rapid posting of Avios?

Interestingly, many of the above options say the following about receiving your miles:

Your Avios will be awarded within 5 days from this retailer

As someone who pretty much always uses Deliveroo, are there any readers who’ve used Just Eat/hungryhouse in the past and can confirm that the Avios do indeed post that quickly?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles

The offers below can be accessed via the Virgin Atlantic Shops Away shopping portal.

  • Hungry House – 1 mile per £1 spent
  • Domino’s Pizza – 2 miles per £1 (existing customers will earn 1 per £1 spent)
  • Just Eat – 1 mile per £1
  • Papa John’s – 1 mile per £1
  • Pizza Hut Delivery – 3 miles per £1 – this is a special offer that runs until 20th July.

Note: With both the Avios and Virgin offers, it’s worth checking the offer pages of the individual retailers. Some offer a higher/lower reward rate depending on whether you are a new or existing customer. 


These offers are a decent extra and allow you to earn miles from something you are doing anyway. It’s all about getting that mentality of ensuring you’re actively trying to maximise your mileage collecting at every opportunity.

There isn’t really much difference between the Avios and Virgin offers and your decision will likely be decided by which miles you are focusing on collecting at any given time.

Here’s hoping another Deliveroo offer returns before too long…


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