Last week, I covered the Heathrow Rewards loyalty scheme and the excellent 3,000 Avios offer that’s available at the moment when opening a new account. If you’re passing through Heathrow over the summer, Heathrow Rewards is definitely worth joining.

Yet, believe it or not, other UK airports apart from Heathrow do exist! 🙂

Though I generally do my best to avoid what for me is a 90-minute car journey to Gatwick, I’ll probably be passing through at least a couple of times this summer.

I was checking a couple of things on the Gatwick website and I noticed the myGatwick section. For anyone who uses Gatwick on an occasional basis and perhaps hasn’t come across this before, here’s a look at the myGatwick membership programme and what it has to offer.


What is the myGatwick programme?

myGatwick is free to join. Unlike Heathrow Rewards, there is no option for earning Avios or other rewards on your spending, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, myGatwick does allow you access to various discounts and offers at Gatwick Airport.

Are the offers any good?

On logging into my account, the offers include:

  • 20% off Gatwick Premium Security
  • 20% off Gatwick Premium Passport Control
  • 40% off a standard cabin at YOTEL
  • 15% off home bag drop and delivery with AirPortr
  • Free luggage tag tracker from ReboundTag
  • £5 off when you spend £20 on books at WH Smith
  • £1 coffee with any pastry/croissant at Joes
  • £1 coffee with any pastry/croissant at Giraffe
  • 15% off total food bill at Nicholas Culpeper and other offers.

However, when I add my flight details, that seems to unlock an additional range of offers including:

  • Up to 10% off No1 Lounges
  • 10% discount at BLOC
  • £5 off when you spend £75 at World Duty-Free (and a free myGatwick bag)
  • £10 off £150 spend at World Duty-Free – although there’s no mention of the free bag!
  • £20 off £100 spend at Sunglasses Hut
  • 2 travel pillows for £15 at Dixons Travel
  • £10 off headphones at Dixons Travel
  • £5 off portable chargers at Dixons Travel
  • 20% off takeaway drinks at Grain Store
  • Free side dish with every main course at Grain Store


None of these offers will make or break your holiday, but if you do fly from Gatwick, even occasionally, it’s worth taking two minutes to sign up for myGatwick.

The link to join the myGatwick program is here.

A quick check of the available offers before you travel and you should be able to save yourself some money at the airport.

Assuming my plans don’t change, I’m actually tempted to give Gatwick Premium Security and or Premium Passport Control a try over the next few months. 

Have any readers tried these services before – are they any good?

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8 thoughts

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  2. I have had the myGatwick app for several years and used the premium security several times and it’s very good. Occasionally there is a special offer to get it for £1 which is very well worth it and as I use gatwick often I take advantage of that every time it shows up.

  3. Hi used the premium security before again as travelling with kids and relying on southern rail on a Sunday it made sense.
    Through in about 4 minutes, there were more staff than customers when we went through.
    Would use again

  4. I have tried the premium passport – it is excellent.
    I do not have an e-passport and need to wait in a long que otherwise. With premium passport service, I am done with the entire process in less than 10 minutes.

    1. Thanks. Now I’m tempted, especially with the kids where as you say, no e-passports can mean huge queues!


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