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Travellers have new app to report uncomfortable aircraft cabin temperatures

Tired of sweating (or shivering) through your flights?

A new phone app from the Association of Flight Attendants will allow you to report uncomfortably high or low temperatures to the trade group directly from your seat on the plane — no awkward in-flight conversation necessary.

Available free to passengers and crews, the AFA’s 2Hot2Cold mobile phone application is part of a broader effort to introduce operational standards for cabin climate control. By documenting problems, the AFA hopes to gather data in support of a petition it filed earlier this month asking the U.S. Department of Transportation to require that airlines maintain a cabin temperature range of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (about 18 to 24 Celsius).


What it’s like to visit Mykonos, the summer destination of choice for billionaires

Mykonos is not for the faint of heart.

The island is known as a glamorous destination for the world’s wealthiest and most famous. Come the booming summer months of July and August, and the island swells with the A-listers, B-listers, C-listers, and D-listers, along with hundreds of thousands of vacationers, hard-partying dance-music junkies, and cruise-shippers.

Measuring just 33 square miles in size, the sunny and cool island is stuffed with hip boutique hotels, thumping beach clubs, haute couture shops, white sandy beaches, whitewashed alleyways, and swanky restaurants.


14 Airbnbs T+L Editors Would Book Again in a Heartbeat

It’s safe to say that the editors at Travel + Leisure, probably know a thing or two about travel.

These are the best Airbnb properties they’ve ever booked.




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