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Pilots reveal the things they notice when they fly as passengers that you probably miss

For most of us, air travel is an opportunity to sleep, work, read, or watch a movie with fewer distractions than you’d find on the ground.

When we do notice our surroundings, we tend to focus on factors that impact our comfort — seat size, the behaviour of nearby passengers, turbulence — but for airline pilots and aviation experts, the experience can be different. Pilots and experts are trained to be attentive to small details on planes, so even when they don’t have to fly the plane and can sit in the main cabin, they’ll notice things that other passengers don’t.


How TripAdvisor changed travel

The world’s biggest travel site has turned the industry upside down – but now it is struggling to deal with the same kinds of problems that are vexing other tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

If you have a spare ten minutes, this is a very interesting read.


H/T TravelBloggerBuzz

Waves Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Having only bought his first camera in 2007 to shoot his friends surfing around home, Ray Collins has gone on to become an international award-winning photographer who has worked with major brands and even published his first book in 2015.

Interestingly, Collins is colourblind which he says has forced him to look more at shapes, lines and most importantly, lighting.

See some of his incredible shots at the link below…



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