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A room with a runway view: airport hotels for plane spotters

Airport viewing decks offer fleeting glances of planes taking off and manoeuvring while you’re rushing to the gate. But if you really want to slow down and take time for some serious plane spotting, these hotels offer a ringside seat to the action.

Some have well-positioned balconies, others offer a view from the bed, and still more feature plane spotting packages as part of the deal. So seek out one of these hotels next time you’re travelling and want to really get a good look at the airborne ballet of a well-run airport.


If you want to visit this famous Italian island, you’ll have to apply

The toughest place to get into in Italy is not the hottest restaurant in Milan or a chic underground club in Florence. It is an island off the coast of France.

Up until 10 years ago, Montecristo wasn’t open to tourists at all, and access is still extremely limited. The island opens to visitors twice per year — once from April 1 through 15 and again from Aug. 31 to Oct. 31 — but not just anybody can go. The Italian government only gives out 1,000 day permits per year to visit, and 600 of those spaces are reserved for students.


Man Brings Fake Bomb through Airport Security

Six security lines were closed at a New Jersey airport for hours Tuesday when a man attempted to take a fake bomb through a checkpoint.

According to NBC News, the unidentified traveller was heading through security at Newark Liberty International Airport Tuesday morning when Transportation Security Administration officers found what looked like a bomb in his bag on the X-ray machine.


Airport security trays carry more viruses than toilet seats

It’s not the toilet seats, flush handles, or even the floors. Nope, it is security trays that carry the most viruses at airports.

Pandemic experts in Finland checked out Helsinki Airport for viruses. They scanned surfaces including staircase rails, restrooms, passport counters, children’s play areas, credit card terminals, and security checkpoints.


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