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What Happens When You Accidentally Tell US Immigration You’re a Terrorist?

The US have a ‘visa waiver’ process which is more or less still a visa. Eligible passengers fill out an ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization, to seek permission to travel.

That form has a question, “Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?”

No terrorist in history has ever answered ‘yes’ to this question. Anyone who answers yes has clearly done so by accident.

A 29-year-old terminal cancer patient though found out that the U.S. doesn’t see it that way.


Man sparks panic on India flight after confusing rear door of a plane with toilet

A passenger flying for the first time sparked panic on a flight in India when he tried to open the rear exit of the plane, mistaking it for the door to the toilet.

A police spokesman said the man in his late twenties was seen by fellow passengers, and when challenged he “told them he needed to use the washroom urgently and kept tugging at the exit door”.


9 skyscrapers that will transform the London skyline by 2020

London is in the midst of an unprecedented architectural boom, with around 510 tall towers — those with more than 20 stories — planned or under construction in the next decade.

Much of this development will take place in the next two years.

As new buildings spring up along the waterfront, residents are bracing for the sudden transformation of their neighborhoods.

Forthcoming structures include a 26-story high-rise with a rock-climbing window and a mixed-used development with the world’s first “floating” swimming pool.


AI, Electric SUVs and More: 8 Trends That Will Change the Way You Travel

Technology is changing the way we shop, drive, and socialize. Here’s how it’s transforming travel, too.

Want a glimpse of your travel future? AFAR has identified the top trends that will change the way you move in the world. For example, within the next couple of years, you could road trip from coast to coast in an electric car. As airlines, airports, and hotels increase biometric screening, your face might double as your boarding pass or your room key.




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