EasyJet has added an interesting new feature to their mobile app called Look&Book.

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Look&Book allows app users to upload screenshots/photos from Instagram or even regular photos from your photo gallery. The app then utilises image recognition technology to scan the photo and offer you flights to the closest airport (served by easyJet).

Here’s a video from the official easyJet YouTube channel that shows how this works:

If you can’t view the video above click on this link to watch the video on YouTube.


I think this a pretty cool feature and not something that I’ve seen before from an airline. Kudos to easyJet for getting ahead of the curve on this one. I think we can expect to see a lot more of this type of technology rolled out by other airlines and even hotels groups in the coming years.

Successfully capitalizing on the moment of inspiration and urge to travel that people experience when seeing an amazing photo is something that if done properly, could be a gamechanger in terms of the way we book travel.

Download the easyJet app via the App Store or Google Play to try Look&Book for yourself.

What do you make of easyJet’s new Look&Book feature? 





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