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Travelers’ biggest pet peeves ranked

These are the behaviors of fellow passengers that annoy travelers the most.

As hordes of travelers prepare to hit the road for the busy holiday season, it’s not unlikely that they will encounter some unsavory travel conduct along the way. A recent survey delved into the kinds of behaviors that irk travelers the most and many of them revolve around invading other peoples’ personal space and assaulting their senses.


Uber Rewards Program: What You Need To Know

After rumors of them working on this for years, it looks like Uber is finally going to introduce a full fledged loyalty program, called Uber Rewards.

Currently, the program is only available in select US cities, but it would be great to see this make it over to the UK at some point. 


The world’s smelliest fruit grounded an entire plane in Indonesia (Video)

A flight in Indonesia was grounded over some particularly foul-smelling cargo.

The Sriwijaya Air flight was bound for Jakarta; however, passengers refused to board because the stench of two tons of durian fruit — otherwise known as stinky fruit — invaded the cabin.



How long can you sit? These are the 26 flights that travel over 8000 miles

Singapore Airlines used to operate the two longest flights in the world — Newark to Singapore non-stop (9534 miles) followed by Los Angeles to Singapore (8770 miles). Both of these were flown with Airbus A340-500 flying gas cans.

Now that they’ve restarted both flights, Los Angeles isn’t even in the top 4 and their San Francisco non-stops aren’t in the top eight.

In fact, there are 26 flights that travel more than 8000 miles. Here are the longest flights in the world. How many do you know?





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