As Tricks of the Trade continues to grow, I figured it was worth a reminder – for our email subscribers in particular – to continue to check the blog for updates throughout the week. There are plenty of offers that go live either side of the weekly newsletter that you’d ideally like to know about straight away.

To ensure you stay on top of the latest deals, it’s worth bookmarking and checking the Tricks of the Trade homepage regularly to make you don’t miss anything.

I’d also recommend following us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll often put a quick post on social media before a full article appears on the main website.

Last week’s ‘£200 British Airways centenary tickets‘ was a perfect case in point, with an early heads-up appearing on our Twitter & Facebook feeds about an hour before the full post went live on the blog itself.

However you choose to follow Tricks of the Trade, we are delighted to have you on board and hope you continue to enjoy the blog. As always we would welcome any of your questions or suggestions for Tricks of the Trade – just pop them in the comments section below.



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