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South African Airways pilot resigns over fake licence

A pilot has resigned from South African Airways (SAA) after flying for more than 20 years with a fake licence.

SAA said it discovered William Chandler’s paperwork was forged after a “reportable incident” during a flight from South Africa to Germany.



Tourists now have to pay an entrance fee before setting foot in Venice

We’re used to paying admission fees to enter tourist attractions and amusement parks, but paying to enter a city is a new concept to most. After seeing an estimated 25 million visitors each year, Venice, Italy is breaking the mold by becoming the first Italian city to charge visitors an entrance fee.

This week, the city approved a 3 Euro per person fee for all day-trippers. The new day-trip entrance fee will go toward maintaining the World Heritage site.


Delta pilot leaves handgun sitting in cockpit

I’m certainly prone to leaving mobile phones and passports behind on airplanes, but handguns? One Delta pilot went home but forgot the handgun, leaving it sitting in the cockpit for cleaning crews to find later.

We don’t have the details about who the pilot is or what aircraft s/he flew. All we know is that the incident happened in Atlanta on February 18th.

While Delta is usually quick to comment on matters of interest and controversy, it is not offering much insight here.



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