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Americans Will Need a Visa to Visit Europe Starting in 2021

In two years, Americans will need to apply for something called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) in order to enter the continent. The European Commission says the new visas will be enforced as an effort to upgrade international security, effective Jan. 1, 2021.


Residents of super-Instagrammable Paris street are fed up

Instagram has provided design lovers with a seemingly endless scroll of eye candy, but there’s a downside to the one-click democratization of striking architecture. Namely, it’s a huge pain for the people who actually live in the houses.

By this point, it’s a classic 21st-century story—give people a colorful house, a geotag, and a camera, and they’ll make a pilgrimage for the perfect shot. In Paris, that happens to be Rue Crémieux, a stretch of Easter-candy-colored rowhouses that line a cobblestone street.


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Cinque Terre Warns Travelers to Avoid Hiking in Flip-Flops—or Risk Being Fined Up to $2,800

Fed up with rescuing people stranded on the cliffside trail, the Italian destination is banning inappropriate footwear and enforcing fines before high season begins.

If you’ve ever walked on the trail that connects the five towns of the Cinque Terre on Italy’s Ligurian Coast, you may have made the rookie mistake of wearing sandals along the cliffside path. But if you attempt the hike this summer wearing flip-flops, you could be hit with a heavy fine.


Easyjet passenger dies on flight to Malaga

A woman who died on an EasyJet flight from London Gatwick to Malaga had a severe chest infection before travelling, fellow passengers have revealed.

The 64-year-old, identified only as Ann, died onboard flight EZY8609 on 4 March.




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