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Four Seasons Jet 2.0′ to take flight in 2021

The Four Seasons Private Jet is getting a very glamorous upgrade.
A fully customized Airbus A321 LR, part of the new Airbus NEO family, is being brought in to replace the current model, the luxury group has announced. Due to take flight in early 2021, the new aircraft will feature “the widest and tallest cabin in its class” as well as spacious lavatories and an expansive lounge area.

Find out visa rules for every country, for your passport

If you travel often, then remembering visa requirements for every country might get a bit tricky. Depending on what passport (or passports) you have, the rules of entry could differ for each destination. And on top of that, these rules keep on changing all the time.

Well, to keep track of all the visa rules, there’s a website that lets you choose the passport you hold, and tells you everything you need to know for every country in the world.

Re-purpose a Hotel Key

Last week I was on a Southwest flight flying home from Cancun. I was lucky enough to snag the exit row window seat with 5′ of legroom.

A couple sat next to me and part way through the flight they wanted to watch a movie together. Unfortunately they were sharing one pair of headphones and one iPhone 🙁

There were three problems with this setup but I was able to help them with one.

(HT: View From the Wing)

Hertz wanted a cool website: it ended up with a $32 million legal nightmare

A furious Hertz is suing over a massive web design failure.

The car rental giant filed a lawsuit last week against management consulting firm Accenture, which it hired in August 2016 to help redesign its website and mobile apps. But the firm was unable or unwilling to meet basic requirements of the contract, and did not make a single deadline, the suit states.

Hertz fired the firm in May 2018, by which time the car rental company had paid $32 million for its services. Hertz is now asking the firm to pay back this money, as well as millions more to cover the cost of repairing the project.

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