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Get 10,000 bonus Marriott points at 5 Paris hotels

Stay 2 nights or more and earn 10,000 bonus Marriott points per stay. Plus, enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi.

Participating hotels:

Promotional code: M41

Offer valid from 23 April – 14 July 2019.

You can find more offer details on this page of the Marriott website.

Qantas “Points Plane” Flight: A380 Bookable Exclusively With Points

Qantas has announced that they plan to offer a series of dedicated frequent flyer redemption flights across their network with seats only available to those redeeming Qantas points.

They’re calling this concept “Points Plane,” and the first such flight will be from Melbourne to Tokyo Narita on October 21, 2019.


The TWA Hotel Will Have an Infinity Pool Overlooking JFK’s Runways. That Is All.

In the unofficial race to out-infinity pool other infinity pools around the world, the forthcoming TWA Hotel at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has quite the contender.

Picture this: The former TWA Flight Center—a midcentury, Eero Saarinen–designed classic—is being rebooted as a 512-room hotel at JFK’s Terminal 5 (aka the JetBlue terminal) and it looks to be the kind of place that changes our minds about airport hotels.

It comes with a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant, a cocktail lounge inside a restored 1950s Lockheed Constellation L-1649A airplane, and atop it all, an observation deck and swimming pool.



Japan Tests the World’s Fastest High-Speed Train

Japan is pushing the limits of rail travel as it begins testing the fastest-ever shinkansen bullet train, capable of speeds of as much as 400 kilometers (249 miles) per hour.

Called the Alfa-X, the train is scheduled to go into service in 2030. Rail company JR East plans to operate it at 360 kilometers per hour (kph). That would make it 10 kph faster than China’s Fuxing Hao, which links Beijing and Shanghai and has the same top speed.

To cope with massive wind resistance when entering tunnels, the Alfa-X’s first car will mostly be a sleek nose, measuring 22 meters (72 feet).



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