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Fly inside Uber’s new air taxi cabin

Here’s what Uber Air’s in-flight customer experience will look like. The company plans to offer aerial ridesharing in 2023.



Here’s something you don’t see every day…a Boeing 747 in the sea!

Doesn’t this Boeing 747 in the sea remind you of something? Could it be a still photo from the classic Universal Pictures disaster movie, Airport ’77? You would be forgiven for thinking so, but this is actually real.

Using aircraft to create an artificial reef is not really all that new, with smaller jets having been sunk elsewhere. This is the first time an aeroplane of this size has been used though!

When Hotels Redecorate, What Do They Do With Their Old Stuff?

When hotels decide it’s time for a change, it means there are lots of old items, much of it big and bulky, that they need to get rid of. We’re talking beds, dressers, nightstands, tables, chairs, lamps, etc. from hundreds of rooms. Or maybe pots, pans, plates and/or silverware from a huge hotel kitchen. What do they do with it all?

Tourists Get a Scare at Willis Tower As Glass Coating Cracks Beneath Them (Video)

If you have even a minor fear of heights, you may want to rethink a visit to Chicago’s Willis Tower.

In 2009, the building opened its revamped all-glass observation deck, known as Skydeck, to the delight of view-loving tourists everywhere. The glass enclosure allows people to get not only a panoramic view of the city but to also see the 1,353-foot drop below their feet. Cool right? Well, maybe not for everyone, as this week a few visitors got the scare of a lifetime when it appeared the glass flooring cracked below them.

Featured image courtesy of Uber


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