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Here’s What You Can and Can’t Steal From Your Hotel Room

Every vacation, sadly, comes to an end — but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little something home with you to help you remember it.

For most of us that means picking up a tiny trinket in a gift shop, a small piece of jewellery, or a work of art to hang on our walls. But for the more rebellious, that little keepsake can be downright criminal.

From the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner to the comfy slippers and robes, hotels are filled to the brim with souvenirs just waiting for you to steal them.

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World’s Most (Outrageously) Expensive Cocktails

Anyone who thinks paying $20 for a cocktail is excessive will be shocked to learn that mixologists at upscale bars and restaurants across the globe are utilizing jaw-droppingly rare spirits and garnishes to offer drinks starting in the triple digits.

Ranging from a margarita topped with gold leaf to a sidecar that comes with a vehicle, these astronomically priced cocktails are a sensational indulgence for drinkers with big bank accounts and a penchant for hard-to-find cognacs, rums, whiskeys and liqueurs.


Oops: Brussels Airlines’ Nine Hour Flight To Nowhere

Brussels Airlines’ flight from Brussels to Washington (SN515) is usually in the air for about 8-8.5 hours, at least based on looking at flight tracking for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday the flight was in the air for around nine hours… and it landed back in Brussels.

That’s right, Brussels Airlines operated a roughly nine hour flight from Brussels to Brussels, as the plane turned around halfway over the Atlantic. The plane took off at 12:30PM, and landed back in Brussels at 9:15PM.

Blackstone May Repurchase Anbang Hotel Properties

About half a dozen investor groups, including Blackstone Group LP, Brookfield Asset Management and Mirae Asset Management, are bidding for a luxury hotel portfolio owned by Anbang Insurance Group Co., the Wall Street Journal reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

China’s Anbang is looking to sell a collection of hotels that it bought for $5.5 billion about three years ago from Blackstone. An Anbang representative declined to comment, the WSJ said. The hotels include Essex House Hotel overlooking Central Park in New York, the Four Seasons Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Fairmont in Chicago, the report said.

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