Hilton is offering a 50% bonus when you transfer American Express Membership Rewards points into Hilton Honors. This applies if you have any of the Amex Membership Rewards cards, including American Express Preferred Rewards Gold, The Platinum Card, and the Amex Rewards Credit Card. This fantastic offer – which applies until 31st October – means that you can get three Hilton Honors points for every one Amex Membership Rewards point (usually, you would receive two).

There are some caveats, though, which you should be aware of. According to the small print, you need to transfer at least 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points to enjoy the bonus. And the bonus will arrive separately, taking up to eight weeks to show up.

Why transferring Amex points to Hilton Honors is a good deal

A Hilton Honors point is generally valued at 0.33p, based on many redemptions over the years. At this valuation, then, you would receive 0.99p (0.33p x 3) per Amex point if you transfer them over to Hilton Honors. So, you may be wondering, how does this compare to other redemptions? The answer: quite favourably, it seems.

For example, converting Amex points to Hilton Honors points will give you a much better deal than if you converted those Amex points to Amazon credit (0.45p per point), Nectar points (0.5p per point), or Marriott Bonvoy hotel transfers (0.75 per point). Utilising this new offer from Hilton may not be the best possible deal out there – and there are other ways to find similar rewards – but it is certainly a very good deal when compared to other options.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you transfer your Amex points to Hilton Honors points, this won’t help boost your Hilton status. You can only boost your Hilton status with points by earning points from your stays at Hilton hotels.

Get a 100% bonus when buying Hilton points

Another new promotion from Hilton Honors means you will receive a 100% bonus if you purchase 10,000+ points. This will be especially useful if you want to stay at world-renowned Hilton hotels, such as Conrad Maldives (costing 95,000 points per night), Waldorf Astoria Maldives (120,000 points per night), and Conrad New York (95,000 points per night).

For instance, if you purchased 60,000 points with Hilton Honors, that could earn you a stay at Waldorf Astoria Maldives. In this way, you can save a ton of money by buying points, instead of paying for your hotel stays in cash. With this offer, the annual cap has been doubled. This means that you can purchase up to 320,000 points (160,000 points, doubled) for $1,600.

Don’t forget that this new promotion from Hilton Honors ends on 22nd October – so be sure to make the most of it before booking stays at any Hilton properties. You can buy Hilton Honors points here.

By combining the 50% bonus for converting Amex points with the 100% bonus for buying more Hilton points, you can save some serious cash when booking your next holiday.


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