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Jack’s Flight Club review – is this the best way to find the cheapest flights?

Jack’s Flight Club is a member’s club that sends you email updates on cheap flights. After signing up with your email address, Jack Sheldon (the company owner) will send you one or two cheap deals on flights each week. This service is completely free. You can, however, pay for a Premium membership (£35 a year), which will give you access to all the flight deals (four times as many as the free membership), plus a few other perks, including weekly ‘weekend trip’ email alerts.

Jack set up the company after he decided to use his travel hacking skills to help others find ridiculously cheap flights. Since launching Jack’s Flight Club from a London bedroom in 2016, the site has attracted over 1 million members and has been featured in major publications, such as The Times, Independent, The Guardian, and Lonely Planet. The reason for the success is that Jack has reliably helped countless numbers of people to save hundreds of pounds on international flights. But is Jack’s Flight Club the best way to find the cheapest flights going?

How Jack’s Flight Club Works

Jack’s Flight Club utilises flight matrix systems (advanced fare and pricing tools), and although anyone can use these sorts of systems for free, the team scours flight matrices all day to make sure members are getting the best deals on flights from the UK and Ireland. Jack’s team is also searching for mistakes in flight prices, fantastic sales, and hidden discounts, and then sending an email notification out about a deal within minutes of it going live. This gives members a prime opportunity to make the most of rock-bottom prices on flights before they sell out. For example, Jack has in the past found a return flight from London to New York for an astoundingly cheap £99.

You may be assuming that the cheapest flights available will involve some last-minute travelling. But that’s not usually the case. An email alert from Jack’s Flight Club will include deals for flights that are 3 to 11 months away, which gives you plenty of time to start planning a holiday and making the necessary arrangements.

Is Jack’s Flight Club Worth It?

It is quite hard to find many faults with Jack’s Flight Club. While it may be rare to find return flights to New York for under £100, with the free membership I use, I can say that I consistently get sent deals on direct flights to major US cities for under £300 return, including not just New York but also San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. With a free email subscription, you really don’t have anything to lose. In addition, for an annual fee of £35, if you end up booking just one international flight through Jack’s Flight Club (the email alert highlights how much you’ll save based on the standard fare), then the Premium membership will certainly be worth it.

Jack’s Flight Club also makes it simple to book. You’ll get sent the itinerary on Google Flights to book the journey yourself, the dates you should go, when you should book by, and other important details, such as whether baggage is included. The service is not perfect, of course. After all, Jack’s Flight Club doesn’t find you specific flights (which is what most of us are focused on). What you get is alerts about the cheapest flights going, so one week that could be an alert about a flight to India, the next week it could be a flight to Costa Rica. This might mean playing the waiting game until your preferred destination pops up. If you have somewhere specific you want to travel to and at a specific time, then flight search engines are probably the way to go.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to be a bit flexible (or spontaneous) with your travel plans, then Jack’s Flight Club is definitely worth looking into. And you never know, you may see a destination in your alert that you never even thought of visiting but may end up doing so because the flight deal is just too enticing to miss out on.

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