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Vortex sends Qantas A380 into nosedive

This sounds absolutely terrifying for all those on board this flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne as it nosedived towards the sea. The incident was apparently caused by another nearby Qantas flight en route to Sydney. A good reason to keep your seatbelt on where possible…


Price of a pint – cheapest and most expensive cities to grab a beer

With the football and indeed the summer well underway, many will be kicking back and enjoying a beer or three. But in some cities, this is more of a strain on the wallet than you might imagine.


H/T Travelbloggerbuzz

One-person sleeping “pods” coming to European airports

Forget the days of trying to find a quiet corner of the terminal to grab some shut-eye on a long layover.

Airpod concept

These one-person pods from Airpods resemble the cockpit of a fighter jet. They’re equipped with wifi, air conditioning, Netflix, a work station, charging ports, airline status updates, and of course a chair that converts into a bed.



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